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Thoughts on Social Media and Blogging

I believe social media and blogging are very important in today’s society. One great benefit to companies having a powerful digital presence is brand awareness. I have learned and bought from so many new companies just because of social media. For example, Etsy is an e-commerce site that sells handmade or vintage items from other users. I learned about Etsy in regards to a Facebook post from a friend and now I shop on their app all the time! To think, if social media didn’t exist, I would have never heard about Etsy – let alone it may not even have existed. Blogging is important in similar ways. A company that blogs can highly increase brand recognition as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.09.00 PM

In reference to my blogging experience, I believe that pictures are the most effective tool. When I see a blog post with many photos or when the photos match up to the content of the text, in my opinion, it is much more worth while to read. In contrast, I believe links aren’t as effective simply because everyone has different interests. What a blogger “hyperlinks” because he/she feels it is worth searching, the reader may think otherwise.

Also, I believe a box of emoticons should be included in the draft portion of blog sites such as WordPress. I used emoticons in my previous blog posts but would like to have seen a whole array of them in the top editing bar to be able to view and select one that is appropriate to my topic’s sentence.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.09.53 PM

If I were to be discussing a rare and interesting topic, I believe blogging would be even more beneficial to me in my future. Or, maybe one day I will be able to start my own business – and if that is the case, I will definitely implement social media and blogging tools to increase brand awareness which can then boost my sales. 🙂

Screenshots in order: Etsy and Get Emoji.


The Soul of Seoul

Seoul, South Korea.


I’ve been to South Korea three times. The first time I was just a baby, the second time I was in elementary school, and the third time I was in high school. My dream is to go back now that I am an adult but since it is an international trip, it’s a bit costly. The reason I have been there three times already is because my mother was born and raised in Seoul and she sometimes takes my sisters and I there when she visits.


What me and my family did most in Seoul was walk the streets, go shopping, and eat at restaurants. Some of the most popular shopping and tourist areas in Seoul are Myeong-dong and the Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets. There is also a mall that starts underground called COEX mall.


Some of the most popular, famous landmarks in Seoul are the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower is also known as the Seoul Tower, where they have a love lock fence just as Paris. To learn more about the love lock fence, visit this blog. Also, the last time I was in Korea, I went to Lotte World which is ranked #14 under the world’s most popular theme parks.

Some of the memories I made in Korea are vague since I haven’t been in 10+ years but the ones I do remember will always last a lifetime. Until next time, Seoul. 😉

Images in order: Wikimedia Commons, another from Wikimedia Commons, and Flickr.

Video: 60 Seconds w/ Shana Lee

Below is a video I recorded and made using iMovie called 60 seconds with Shana Lee. It is in regards to one of Shana’s best vacations ever – a trip to New York City.


Review: Sending Postcards

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.58.46 PM

A great travel blog I recently came across is Sending Postcards. This travelogue is created and updated by a married couple, Alex and Mina, who currently reside in San Francisco, California. I found their site by searching for the best travel blogs in North America and found theirs on an article from Zen College Life.

What I love about their blog is the simplicity to it – small words and big pictures. Might I add, the pictures are astonishing. Seeing their most recent picture posted, the Golden Gate Bridge, definitely makes me want to take a trip back to the beautiful SF. Also, their page has just the right amount of white space, meaning their page is pleasant to the eye whereas others that fill up every space to a page can be a bit distracting.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.03.21 PM

At the very top of their page, you can click on “travels” to browse through many articles and photos regarding the different cities they have traveled to. But what I found even more unique is at the very bottom of their page, they have a map with little black dots where the reader can click on a dot to get directed to that city to view their articles and photography. This is, by far, my favorite feature they have because it is very helpful to the reader to be able to pick and choose what they would like to see plus helps their page seem even more appealing. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.59.16 PM

All three screenshots from the travelogue, Sending Postcards.

Windy City


Chicago. The Windy City. 🌀

It has been several years since I’ve went to Chicago but I still have a lot of good memories from there. There are many beautiful art sculptures in the city, my two favorite being the The Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate. Cloud Gate is known as “The Bean” and it is recommended to view every angle of the sculpture as each angle appears different. 😉


I was only in Chicago for a couple of days with my family, so we didn’t get to explore everything we wanted to but two things I definitely recommend doing (besides viewing the sculptures mentioned above) is checking out the Willis Tower and the Navy Pier.

The Willis Tower, also known as the Sears Tower, is the second tallest building in America – first being the World Trade Center. They have an observation desk called Skydeck, where many tourists purchase tickets to ride to the 103rd floor to view the city of Illinois. There are also glass bottom skyboxes in the Skydeck, where you can stand atop and view the city from underneath you. The Navy Pier is a place to go for a fun-filled day. You can listen to live music, enjoy great food and drinks, go shopping, view a fireworks show, and so much more!

IMG_8070 IMG_8073

All four images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.

The City That Never Sleeps



My sister and I went to New York City in January a few years back. It was a great time! Of course, we wanted to go during New Years to see the ball drop on Times Square, but tickets were a bit pricey so we settled on flying out the day OF New Years – yes, it was a cold❄ and snowy❄  trip but it was definitely worth it. 🙂


One of my favorite New York memories is simply walking around Times Square. The lights and scenery are breathtaking. We also went to a few remarkable and historic museums, such as the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.


We also went to the Rockefeller Center where we saw locals and tourists ice skating and got to see their famous, giant Christmas tree. Also, we did get to take a few photos of the Statue of Liberty from afar but unfortunately we weren’t able to take a ferry to the statue because we were in the middle of a blizzard. Blizzards or not – we still got to experience many great things in New York City and have been planning to take a trip back up there one of these days. 😉

All three images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.


I live in the Greater Austin area and love to explore Austin on the weekends. The slideshow below will show you a few amazing times I’ve had in Austin and I would highly encourage you to visit Austin if you ever happen to take a vacation to the Lone Star State. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All seven images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.

iWanderlust App


The app I have created is called iWanderlust✈ Once you create an account, you can login and then either purchase travel arrangements (such as hotels, flights, cars, or vacation packages) or review what users have said about their vacations (such as the cities/countries they had visited, their top 10 attractions, etc).

I believe this app will be beneficial to users because it is similar to apps such as Orbitz and Yelp – but all in one. Orbitz is a site that allows you to purchase a plane ticket, book a hotel, or rent transportation when on vacation and Yelp is a site that allows you to write and review businesses for other users to see.


Combining both aspects to one app lets you stay on the same site for all traveling needs. Typically, before we take a vacation, we start by searching on the type of vacation we want – or better yet, which city/country we will be traveling to. Once decided, we review the city by learning what the top attractions are, the top places to eat, where to stay, etc. Afterwards, you will be able to simply purchase your reservations all at a convenience of staying within one app! 😉

Both images created from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.

Vacay at the Bay


San Francisco, California. 🌉

What a great place to visit! The scenery and weather are beautiful. I have a couple friends that live in San Francisco so my boyfriend and I had visited them there a couple years ago. You can definitely say that we were very “touristy” during our whole trip. We just simply enjoyed walking around the streets, standing atop hills, and overlooking the beautiful views of the city (and taking many, many photos).


Of course, majority of our pictures had the Golden Gate Bridge behind us. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to actually walk/bike/drive on the bridge but we did “boat” underneath it – which was pretty cool. We also cruised around Alcatraz Island – which is another famous attraction one should see if they are in SF.

There’s also Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, Union Square, Exploratorium, Aquarium of the Bay, and so much more! Needless to say, we did as much as we could the few days we were there but weren’t able to do it all. We have recently been talking about planning another trip soon – hopefully sometime next year! One of the things I am looking forward to do there next is driving the “49 mile scenic drive.” I love the views of SF and so doing things as pure and simple as that can be just as rewarding as spending the night in up/downtown SF.


All three images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.

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