The app I have created is called iWanderlust✈ Once you create an account, you can login and then either purchase travel arrangements (such as hotels, flights, cars, or vacation packages) or review what users have said about their vacations (such as the cities/countries they had visited, their top 10 attractions, etc).

I believe this app will be beneficial to users because it is similar to apps such as Orbitz and Yelp – but all in one. Orbitz is a site that allows you to purchase a plane ticket, book a hotel, or rent transportation when on vacation and Yelp is a site that allows you to write and review businesses for other users to see.


Combining both aspects to one app lets you stay on the same site for all traveling needs. Typically, before we take a vacation, we start by searching on the type of vacation we want – or better yet, which city/country we will be traveling to. Once decided, we review the city by learning what the top attractions are, the top places to eat, where to stay, etc. Afterwards, you will be able to simply purchase your reservations all at a convenience of staying within one app! 😉

Both images created from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.