My sister and I went to New York City in January a few years back. It was a great time! Of course, we wanted to go during New Years to see the ball drop on Times Square, but tickets were a bit pricey so we settled on flying out the day OF New Years – yes, it was a cold❄ and snowy❄  trip but it was definitely worth it. 🙂


One of my favorite New York memories is simply walking around Times Square. The lights and scenery are breathtaking. We also went to a few remarkable and historic museums, such as the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.


We also went to the Rockefeller Center where we saw locals and tourists ice skating and got to see their famous, giant Christmas tree. Also, we did get to take a few photos of the Statue of Liberty from afar but unfortunately we weren’t able to take a ferry to the statue because we were in the middle of a blizzard. Blizzards or not – we still got to experience many great things in New York City and have been planning to take a trip back up there one of these days. 😉

All three images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.