Chicago. The Windy City. 🌀

It has been several years since I’ve went to Chicago but I still have a lot of good memories from there. There are many beautiful art sculptures in the city, my two favorite being the The Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate. Cloud Gate is known as “The Bean” and it is recommended to view every angle of the sculpture as each angle appears different. 😉


I was only in Chicago for a couple of days with my family, so we didn’t get to explore everything we wanted to but two things I definitely recommend doing (besides viewing the sculptures mentioned above) is checking out the Willis Tower and the Navy Pier.

The Willis Tower, also known as the Sears Tower, is the second tallest building in America – first being the World Trade Center. They have an observation desk called Skydeck, where many tourists purchase tickets to ride to the 103rd floor to view the city of Illinois. There are also glass bottom skyboxes in the Skydeck, where you can stand atop and view the city from underneath you. The Navy Pier is a place to go for a fun-filled day. You can listen to live music, enjoy great food and drinks, go shopping, view a fireworks show, and so much more!

IMG_8070 IMG_8073

All four images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.