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A great travel blog I recently came across is Sending Postcards. This travelogue is created and updated by a married couple, Alex and Mina, who currently reside in San Francisco, California. I found their site by searching for the best travel blogs in North America and found theirs on an article from Zen College Life.

What I love about their blog is the simplicity to it – small words and big pictures. Might I add, the pictures are astonishing. Seeing their most recent picture posted, the Golden Gate Bridge, definitely makes me want to take a trip back to the beautiful SF. Also, their page has just the right amount of white space, meaning their page is pleasant to the eye whereas others that fill up every space to a page can be a bit distracting.

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At the very top of their page, you can click on “travels” to browse through many articles and photos regarding the different cities they have traveled to. But what I found even more unique is at the very bottom of their page, they have a map with little black dots where the reader can click on a dot to get directed to that city to view their articles and photography. This is, by far, my favorite feature they have because it is very helpful to the reader to be able to pick and choose what they would like to see plus helps their page seem even more appealing. 🙂

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All three screenshots from the travelogue, Sending Postcards.