Seoul, South Korea.


I’ve been to South Korea three times. The first time I was just a baby, the second time I was in elementary school, and the third time I was in high school. My dream is to go back now that I am an adult but since it is an international trip, it’s a bit costly. The reason I have been there three times already is because my mother was born and raised in Seoul and she sometimes takes my sisters and I there when she visits.


What me and my family did most in Seoul was walk the streets, go shopping, and eat at restaurants. Some of the most popular shopping and tourist areas in Seoul are Myeong-dong and the Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets. There is also a mall that starts underground called COEX mall.


Some of the most popular, famous landmarks in Seoul are the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower is also known as the Seoul Tower, where they have a love lock fence just as Paris. To learn more about the love lock fence, visit this blog. Also, the last time I was in Korea, I went to Lotte World which is ranked #14 under the world’s most popular theme parks.

Some of the memories I made in Korea are vague since I haven’t been in 10+ years but the ones I do remember will always last a lifetime. Until next time, Seoul. 😉

Images in order: Wikimedia Commons, another from Wikimedia Commons, and Flickr.