Hello world.

My name is Tasha Wilkinson and I am a senior at Texas State University. I am a few classes away from graduating with a Bachelor’s in Management with a concentration in Human Resources. I also have two associate degrees – one in Business Administration and the other in Information Technology.

I currently work full time as an Administrative Assistant at an HEB plus store. I have currently been with the company for almost ten years and love working there! I hope to continue my career with HEB in the Human Resources field shortly after I graduate.

When I am not busy with school and work, I like to travel. I’ve visited many great places but would love to experience more. Please check out my blogs below to read about some of the places I’ve been to. If you happen to ever visit any of the cities/states/countries I’ve blogged about, be sure to check out some of the famous attractions and/or awesome things to do that I’ve mentioned. 🙂