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A Trip to the Strip


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. ūüėČ

If you are looking to celebrate a friend’s bachelorette or bachelor party, Las Vegas is the place to go! I last¬†went to Vegas almost a year ago¬†to celebrate a fun weekend with friends¬†before our friend Stephanie got hitched. The first night, we all “casino-hopped”¬†and then later we¬†watched a musical show, which was a really great time. Vegas has many other¬†shows to choose from – to include comedy, magic, adult, etc. and I definitely recommend watching at least one show! The second night we celebrated even more by going to a fancy restaurant for dinner and then partying in a beautifully decorated club at Bellagio all night long. Luckily for us – we got a free VIP table with a free bottle and mixers!¬†‚ėÖ

I’ve also been to Las Vegas to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my boyfriend. His family lives about an hour from Vegas so half of the week we spent time with them, and the other half of the week we stayed on the strip – gambling and partying. ūüôā


Las Vegas is not only known for the strip. They also have Fremont Street which is considered the “original” Vegas and is where the locals mainly hang out. You can also go shooting out in the desert, hiking or skiing at Mount Charleston, or viewing the sites at the Hoover Dam. Even from just driving up and down the highway, you will be in awe of how beautiful the view of the mountains are.


All three images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.


Anchors Aweigh


I can’t wait¬†for this semester to be over – not because of all the restless nights of studying I will partake in¬†but only because I will be embarking on my second Carnival cruise trip in a few months. My first cruise trip was amazing! I had a great time and loved that I was able to leave all my “worries” at home. When you are in the middle of the ocean, on a extremely huge¬†ship, with no cell phone ‚ėé or internet service (unless you wish to purchase it),¬†you have no choice but to experience all the fun a cruise ship provides while feeling nothing but satisfaction and joy.


The minute we sailed away from¬†the port and the casino opened was the same minute I was entering the casino, cash in hand. I am addicted to¬†playing table games and winning money; my favorite being Blackjack. ‚ô†‚ô•‚ô¶‚ô£ I don’t get to gamble whenever I want because I am a Texan therefore¬†that makes my gambling habit not really a habit. ūüėČ

Some other types of activities cruise vacations offer are outdoor activities such as water slides, pools, sports, and movies on the deck; and indoor activities such as comedy clubs, stage shows, and nightlife entertainment. Another good time is simply relaxing in your balcony stateroom overlooking the ocean as you ‚ôꬆsail away, sail away, sail away.‚ôę

And of course there are the port stops! You get to leave the ship and explore places such as Cozumel, Belize, and the Cayman Islands. I definitely recommend doing at least one shore excursion because it is a good way to experience a fun and organized time for the day. Examples of some excursions are mini speed boating (as shown below), scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, zip lining, or sight seeing famous attractions.


I could go on and on about my enjoyable¬†cruise trip¬†but will leave it to you to experience for yourself. But¬†trust me – you will have a blasty blast! ūüėÄ

All three images from the author, Tasha Wilkinson.

Bon Voyage


There is something about the bright lights in a big city,¬†being surrounded by loads of sunshine¬†with¬†an ocean breeze, or touring¬†landmarks in a beautiful town…¬†‚ú≤‚ėľ‚ôú

My name is Tasha Wilkinson and I am a senior at Texas State University and I work full time as an Administrative Assistant at a great company. When I am not busy with school and work, I like to travel. I’ve visited many great places but would love to experience more!


Taking a vacation can be a bit costly but it also has many¬†positives¬†that make the money spent well worth it.¬†USA Today¬†gives three great examples on how beneficial vacations can be. It can (a) strengthen your health by releasing positive emotions and by reducing stress; (b) open your mind for more creativity and ‚Äúrecharge your batteries‚ÄĚ; and (c) help provide economical¬†growth to touristy cities.

My upcoming blogs will consist of places I‚Äôve been to and hopefully I can keep adding with¬†more of my traveling adventures as time goes on. There are still many, many places on my “list of vacations I plan to take” and I hope to accomplish my list soon.¬†‚úą I also hope my readings encourage you to take that trip you’ve¬†always been thinking about. ūüôā


Images in order: Flickr, Tasha Wilkinson, Wikimedia Commons.

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